Azimuth Marker

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Azimuth Marker

1. A scale encircling the plan position indicator (PPI) scope of a radar on which the azimuth of a target from the radar may be measured.
2. Reference limits inserted electronically at 10° or 15° intervals which extend radially from the relative position of the radar on an off center PPI scope. These are employed for target azimuth determination when the radar position is not at the center of the PPI scope and hence the fixed azimuth scale on the edge of the scope cannot be employed.

On such markers north is usually 0°, east 90°, etc. Occasionally, on ship or airborne radars, 0° is used to indicate the direction in which the craft is heading, in which cases the relative bearing, not azimuth, of the target is indicated.


This article is based on NASA's Dictionary of Technical Terms for Aerospace Use