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1. In rocketry (a) deviation from a prescribed flight path, (b) specifically, circular dispersion. </dd>
2. A measure of the scatter of data points around a mean value or around a regression curve. </dd>
Usually expressed as a standard-deviation estimate, or as a standard error of estimate. Note that the scatter is not centered around the true value unless systematic errors are zero. </dd>
3. The process in which radiation is separated into its component wavelengths. </dd>
Dispersion results when an optical process, such as diffraction, refraction, or scattering, varies according to wavelength. </dd>
4. In spectroscopy, a measure of the resolving power of a spectroscope or spectrograph, usually expressed in angstroms per millimeter. </dd>
5. As applied to materials, a scattering of very fine particles (e.g., ceramics) within the body of a metallic material usually resulting in overall strengthening of the composite material. </dd>


This article is based on NASA's Dictionary of Technical Terms for Aerospace Use