Fraunhofer Lines

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Fraunhofer Lines </dt>
Dark lines in the absorption spectrum of solar radiation due to absorption by gases in the outer portions of the sun and in the earth's atmosphere. </dd>
Fraunhofer lines are designated by letters, as the K-line, or by wavelength, as the 4046-angstrom line of iron. </dd>
'The major Fraunhofer lines are:

<tbody> </tbody>
angstroms (nm) Line due to
A 7594 Telluric oxygen
B 6867 Telluric oxygen
C 6563 hydrogen, HMissing Image:img src="SP7-f_files/alphasm.html"
D1 5896 sodium
D2 5890 sodium
D3 5876 helium
E 5270 iron and calcium
b1 5184 magnesium
F 4861 hydrogen, HMissing Image:img src="SP7-f_files/betasm.html"
G 4308 iron (and calcium)
H 3968 calcium
K 3934 calcium



This article is based on NASA's Dictionary of Technical Terms for Aerospace Use