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The process of directing the movements of an aeronautical vehicle or space vehicle, with particular reference to the selection of a flight path. See control. </dd>
In preset guidance a predetermined path is set into the guidance mechanism and not altered, in inertial guidance accelerations are measured and integrated within the craft, in command guidance the craft responds to information received from an outside source. Beam-rider guidance utilizes a beam; terrestrial-reference guidance, some influence of the earth; celestial guidance, the celestial bodies and particularly the stars; and homing guidance the information is in response to transmissions from the craft, in semiactive homing guidance the transmissions are from a source other than the craft, and in passive homing guidance natural radiations from the destination are utilized. Midcourse guidance extends from the end of the launching phase to an arbitrary point enroute and terminal guidance extends from this point to the destination. </dd>


This article is based on NASA's Dictionary of Technical Terms for Aerospace Use